Posted by: blogone | July 30, 2006

There are no words that rhyme with Orange, so I had to florange one.

I saw this image on Martha Barnette’s blog and thought it was really funny and would be a great T-shirt. What a conversation starter at a party it would be! Martha Barnette co-hosts ‘A way with Words on KPBS with Richard Lederer, in San Diego.

Anyway, I was looking around on the internet to see what the story is about the word Orange and any rhyming words. I thought of the word ‘Florange’. Armed with no idea what it meant I decided to search Google to see if anyone else might have thought of it as a rhyme for Orange.

They have.

I found a site called ‘Urban Dictionary’, a slang dictionary, which allows you to create a word and then define its meaning. Visitors can give thumbs up or thumbs down for the definition of the word. Check out ‘Florange’ on the site.

I mentioned this to Maggie, she mentioned that there may be a medical word that rhymes with Orange. She couldn’t remember what it was and if it exists.

Any ideas anyone?


  1. “The shiver one experiences whilst urinating”. O-Kay.

    Doesn’t syringe rhyme with orange.. and it’s a medical term. Do I win something?

  2. Lozenge ??? Sounds really quite the same dont you think ???

  3. lol what about ‘ arrange ‘ ? there actually is a word tht rhymes with orange – arrange

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