Posted by: blogone | August 3, 2006

Onions will make you cry…

Sin-in-law and brother went to the Galway races on Wednesday.  My job was to look after the gang, who ranged from two years to ten years in age. 

The gang and I decided that we would get some Pizza for dinner and a DVD, so off to the DVD store we went.  They decided on ‘Big Momma’s House’ and ‘Inspector Gadget’.  Not my type of film, then again my opinion doesn’t count because I’m only the Uncle!

The Italian restaurant where we used to get Pizza’s for DVD nights was gone.  It has been   replaced by ‘Silvio’s chip shop’.  Not to worry, I thought we’ll order from the house.

Back at home I looked for a menu, found one after five minutes looking for a ‘new’ venue called ‘Eastside Pizza’.  As far as I can tell it is part of the ‘Step Inn’ Bar.  I decided to give them a try. 

I collected the orders from the gang and phoned in my order. 

Me: Do you deliver?

Him: No

Me: I have an order for three 10” pizzas

Him: Okay 

Me: First pizza with Ham, Pineapple, Salami and pepperoni. 

Him: Ham, Onion, Pineapple, Salami and pepperoni. 

Me: No Onion please.

Him: Onion!

Me: No Onion.

Him: Okay, no onion.

I placed the next two orders and had a similar conversation about Onions each time.  This should have set the alarm bells ringing in my head. 

Me: How long will that take? 
Him: Fifteen – twenty minutes.

Me: How much will that be?

Him: 36 euro and seventy cent.

He actually said that without laughing!

Fifteen to twenty minutes later I loaded the gang into the car to drive down the road to collect the Pizzas.  I double parked in the pub car park and ran in to collect the goods.

Me: Hi, I called in an order, my name is Harrison!

Him: What time did I tell you, thirty minutes or thirty-five minutes?

Me: You told me fifteen to twenty minutes.

Him: Okay

Me: So how long will it be?

Him: Another five minutes. 

So that’s five minutes longer than I expected but five to ten minutes shorter than he thought he told me!

Confused?  Imagine how I was feeling.

We arrived home with the food, the guys got the DVD set up and I opened the Pizzas. 

There was Onion on every one of the Pizzas.  My frustration levels went north, and I wished I was back in San Diego. 

The pizza appeared not to have been cooked in a Pizza oven but on one of those pizza grill things where the food is cooked from the top and bottom on a conveyor belt thing.  Apache Pizza uses this technique and it’s not all that nice.

All of the Pizzas were sprinkled with a spice and all the gang came to the same conclusion; too hot (spice), and not nice. 

I’m still annoyed and frustrated by it. 



  1. Dominos man. Only way to go….

  2. Yep, there you are, another disgruntled customer this ‘Silvos’
    has probably sent away. What puzzles me is how do the goons who open these places up honestly expect to make money in the long term? Is it just us Irish that take this shit from businesses like this? Do we just take what we get and complain about it later but not actually do anything about it? Did you bring the pizza’s back Al? I wonder what the reaction of the pizza guy would have been if you did?

    If that was the States, that business would be out of business quicker than you could say ‘bankrupt’.

  3. I didn’t bring them back. With four kids at the house I decided to hold off. The levels of service are so different. I’ve a great story to tell you about Eircom.

  4. Al you are a goldmine of stories. Keep them coming. I have a plan!

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