Posted by: blogone | August 8, 2006

We’re doomed, its all over…

I don’t want to alarm anyone. I’ll just write it and let you think about it.

I think that God, The Lord Almighty, may be sending a plague to visit.

Yesterday the gang came running in to tell me that there was a frog outside the door. I could not believe it. I went outside and low and behold there was a tiny little frog, jumping around and having a great time. It was so small it could have fit on your little finger.

Today Sis-in-law said that she saw at least ten by the garden shed. That’s when I started to think ‘Plague’.

So I ran upstairs and got my camera. I thought briefly about packing a bag and making for the airport, I mean who wants to be around when the plague starts, but where to go? Too much confusion, people are starting to panic. Calm down, I told myself.

Anyway I went back downstairs with the camera and took some pictures. I’ll let the evidence speak for itself. The first shot shows a slug. Why? Well who knows if a plague of slugs will be visited upon us. He does, that’s who. So keep your eyes open for slugs. That’s the main bullet point of my post.

Anyway, the other shot clearly show the frogs. Repent people repent.

Has anyone else noticed an increase or frogs suddenly appearing in their garden?

P.S. If anyone has any juicy gossip information that they want to repent, feel free to let me know. 🙂

What were the ten plagues? Click here if you dare. 


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