Posted by: blogone | August 9, 2006

Maggie is in the air

Maggie was due to come to Ireland on August 15th to spend some time here before she returns to finish her degree. She’s on the home straight now, her last semester at SDSU.

Because she’s not so busy at work these days we decided to bring her to Ireland a little early. So as I write this she’s on her way to L.A. to get a flight to Dublin. She’ll arrive in Ireland on Thursday at 11:00am.

Excellent. I’m in a very good mood even in these plague-like conditions!


  1. keep it in ur pants hoser !!

  2. Has Maggie arrived yet?, I have been trying to contact you!

  3. Alan… Did she make it there ok??? Here in California that is a great deal, or lack of, information regarding the bomb threats to the London airports…When you have a chance please let me know… I am sure that her mother would appreciate some info as well… Thanks, Michael

  4. Maggie arrived safe and sound. We both agree that it was a good idea for her to travel sooner than later. It would have been more hassle next week.

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