Posted by: blogone | August 29, 2006

This ain’t no post.

It seems that everyone is blogging; except me. I’ve been looking though my blogroll, (Where did that term come form?) and all the great blogs that I check have new and interesting topics covering odd perfume reviews to ten places on earth that someone won’t visit again.


I have to be honest; I’ve hit a wall when it comes to the blog. It wasn’t easy in SD, but I got used to writing posts. I’m by no means a talented writer and I’ve been asked on more than one occasion, ‘who are you writing it for anyway?’ I’m still thinking about that.

I’ve tried on more than one occasion over the last two weeks to sit down and write something only to be distracted by some other, often meaningless task. I’ve been using the Emergent Task Timer, and I think its really excellent, it helps me focus on specific tasks, thanks to David Seah for creating it. I think that I’ve been letting myself be distracted to avoid writing posts and I don’t know why this is.

There are things that I keep noting to post; ‘the depressed barber and why it is so hard to get a decent hair cut for under 15 euro’, ‘the crap customer experience with O2 experience’, and ‘why Irish ‘Scangers’ should be banned from Grafton Street’. It’s all there and more! For example Maggie has visited and since gone back to SD, and has there been any mention of going to Croke Park, or the Guinness Store House, or the Porter House or my mum’s house?

If there was a term for a psychological inhibition preventing a blogger from proceeding with a post, I think it would have to be termed “Bloggers Elbow”.


  1. oh so common to bloggers. The mental block. In Jim Collins’ parlance think of the writing as being like a big metal flywheel.

    You won’t go from zero to 1000 rpm in a single post. But each post will get the wheel moving a little. The key is small effort but continuous effort.

    You know who you are writing the blog for.

    So the best antidote to inaction is of course action. so write something, write anything.. just don’t write nothing.

    Your style is fun and interesting so just go for it. Freeform!

  2. Glad you liked the ETT! Best of luck on the writing! One thing I find that helps to unblock myself is to just pick some dangly little thread, and then start writing about what I think about that. After a few false starts, something starts to clarify and then I have an idea that I can develop. Other times I just write and see where it goes, keeping on the look out for something that MIGHT be useful. For me, having that mentality of looking for the useful thing helps direct the writing, though I do end up rambling.

  3. I for one am enjoying the postings, and would urge you to continue. I really missed them when you stopped posting.

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