Posted by: blogone | September 3, 2006

Close call

Saturday morning. I was with my brother and we were driving along the Stillorgan dual carriageway in Dublin. I’m not sure how I saw what I’m about to write, because it took place behind me. I don’t remember if my brother alerted me to the event because he noticed it in his rear view mirror, whatever, all I know is that I watched in awe and thinking, ‘that guy should be beaten up be everyone on that bus.’

What happened?

Two busses were moving driving in the Bus lane, a bus lane is like a car pool lane, except that it’s only for busses. There is a petrol (gas) station along the route. A car came from behind the bus at high speed, passed it, and cut right in front of the front bus to go into the garage. While the driver of the car conducted the maneuver he was braking hard.

The lead bus missed smashing into the car because of the quick reactions of the bus driver who had to also brake hard. The bus behind him also had to brake hard.

The driver of the lead bus stopped his bus and got out and went into the station after the moron driver. We were moving off down the road and this was all getting smaller and smaller as we moved on.

Its what didn’t happen in this incident that shocked me. If the bus did hit that car it would have made mince meat of it.

I can’t comment or make any assumption about the driver because I didn’t see who was driving. One assumption I could make with some certainty is that the diver of the bus needed a change of pants after the incident.

I know I would if it were me.

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