Posted by: blogone | September 19, 2006

No bowls, only soup

I arrived late to work this morning because I wanted to see how much longer it would take to get to the office when I left the house a little later. I left the house at approximately 8:00am. I arrived to work at 9:50am. It is a total distance of about 20 miles.

Do the math!

I went for a cup of tea and sat down with some of the other members of the team. This is how the conversation went with one of them:

Morning Time

Person: I’ve had a vision

Me: Good for you

Person: It’s about you and what you’ll do in your future

Me: I’m listening…

Person: You’re going to be a News Reader!

Me: Right so, I’m heading back to my desk.

Lunch Time

I wanted a bowl of soup to go along side my salad. As usual the canteen had no bowls for the soup. They did have a big urn of soup but no bowls. I filled a cardboard cup with soup and made do with it. It was far from bowls of soup I was raised!

I sat down with some people from the team. Some of them fascinated that I carried my tray of soup and salad with one hand. Then they decided that I would be a real asset for TGI Friday’s restaurant chain.

Newsreader to TGI waiter in one morning – brilliant!

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