Posted by: blogone | September 20, 2006

Absolute Beginners

I really enjoy when I’m listening to a piece of music / song / film and I suddenly hear something new in the work. It gives a whole new perspective to the song / music or whatever.

It’s hard to describe because it is not just the lyrics or even the piece of music, it might be tone in the voice or a note held higher or lower that I didn’t notice before. It might be that the work is linked to a different emotion or situation that I wouldn’t normally associate the music too, yet it works and feels so different.

For example, I was driving home and had some things occupying my mind. I had my iPod nano plugged in and I put it on shuffle. David Bowie’s Absolute Beginners came on. I have heard this song a lot and to be honest never gave it much attention. Today was different. I think the construction (listen to me sounding like I know what I’m talking about) in the song is brilliant and Bowie vocals are fantastic.

This happens to me a lot. I can get hyper-focused on something. It needed be the whole piece either; it could be one line, or just one section. It can happen with movies too.

This drives Maggie nuts; because it means that she gets to hear me talk about it – a lot, and for the first time, write about it!


  1. […] Remember my post about the David Bowie tune?  Apparently there is a named condition called ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ that accounts for similar experiences.  There are people who experience Stendhal Syndrome when viewing pieces of art like the Mona Lisa, or Michelangelo’s David, or even dare I say some David Bowie music […]

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