Posted by: blogone | October 21, 2006

302 as of 21 October 2006

It is a shocking number. 302 people have been killed on Irish roads since the start of the year. 287 since 11th October, 2006. So in ten or so days 15 people have died on Irish roads. There are 71 days left until January 1, 2007, so there is a potential 373 road deaths on Irish roads in 2006.

Grim numbers. The latest, four young men from County Monaghan.

They are 19-year-old Brian O’Neill, 20-year-old Ciaran Hagan, 20-year-old Gary McCormick and 21-year-old Dermot Thornton.

A fifth man, aged 27, who was seriously injured was taken to Monaghan General Hospital.

All four men are from Threemilehouse, Co Monaghan, and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Gardaí are continuing their investigation to try to establish the cause of the accident.

When I was in SD, I remember a conversation with Andrea and one of her relatives. The relative was talking about his daughter and how she had recently passed her driving test. The interesting thing to me was that the new driver was not allowed by law to drive any of her friends in her car. She was only allowed to drive family members. The reasoning is that young people when in groups tend to show off, or feel that they have to impress, which can result in speeding.

I’m annoyed that the Gardai and the government have made a lot of the population cynical about their speed cameras and speed traps because they locate them in such pointless areas that only serve to generate revenue and not save lives.

We need a real road safety plan for Ireland. Not the usual ‘Irish’ solution.

Click here for Irish Road Safety Site

Click here for a list of names by month of those killed in 2006. 


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