Posted by: blogone | October 31, 2006

Opportunity Lost

I’m back in San Diego. I arrived on Sunday 29th.  I was delighted to see Andrea and the good weather, in that order. The flight over passed by relatively quickly.  I tried to get an upgrade by chancing the following:


Checking In:


Me: Are there any messages on the system for me?


Attendant: Let me check for you Sir. 


Me (Thinking to myself): He called me Sir.  This must be a good sign.


Attendant: No there are no messages for you at this time.


Me: Nothing from J. Whittey?


Attendant: No, my apologies.


Me: Hmmmm


Attendant: Is it about an upgrade?


Me: Yes, have you been notified?


Attendant: No but the flight is not full.  You should check at the gate before you board.


Me: Okay, thanks for your help.


Thinking back, I should have asked the attendant to upgrade me there and then.  This is where I missed my opportunity.


At the Gate:


Me: *Pretty much same spiel as above

Attendant (Smirking): No there are no messages on the system.  

Me: So no chance…

Attendant: No, no chance I’m afraid.


So I ended up in coach.




  1. Coach sucks.

  2. J. Whittey

    what’s that all about? did you see that in a movie somewhere?

    sounds like you got close but alas.. no cigar

  3. J. Whittey actually exists. I was told the night before I left to mention him at check in and my chance of getting an upgrade would increase.

    This was not similar to someone who may try this sort of thing a lot (you know who I mean) but an enquiry.

  4. I see. And I know exactly what you mean.

    p.s. I’m enjoying starting sentences with ‘but’ and ‘and’. Nobody seems to notice. Or care.

  5. Well Bill Bryson has a new book on English usage out. He claims that it is fine to begin sentences with And, But etc. The sentence in the example is’ “And that is that.”

  6. But and and but are only so so so put but and and in moderation if you see what I mean. Literally.

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