Posted by: blogone | November 6, 2006

For one night only….

Andrea and I met Noe and Joe from the Sanfilippos restaurant at NuNu’s bar the on Thursday and it was great to catch up with them.  By the time I left the bar that evening I had agreed to work in the kitchen on Saturday night because Juan wouldn’t be in and surprise surprise they had a new guy who had only just started.

It was great to work in the kitchen again with Primo and Noe again.  It all came back very quickly.  My pizzas looked well, the salads good, although I wasn’t that impressed by the standard of the salad I was working with.

The new guy was called Carter.  He told me that he was of Native American heritage.  It soon became clear to me that Carter was annoying.  Why?  Well first of all, skip over to Mystery of Modernity and read the post about ‘Stereotyping the place where you live’, or go and read it after you finish this.  Carter just couldn’t stop stereotyping Ireland and its people.

 “I was in Spain about ten years ago”, Carter said soon after I met him, “It was great, such a relaxed way of life.  I was in Ireland about twenty years ago and it was so different, everyone falling around drunk all the time.”

Carter went on to tell me that everyone considered Ireland part of the United Kingdom and when I told him it wasn’t he told me with a smile that it was and that everyone considered it so.  He told me that he also lived in San Francisco and that had a strong Irish population.  “I used to drink in lots of Irish bars that were IRA friendly and it was great because there was always awareness of political situations and I felt that there was “intelligence” in the bar.”

All in all it was great fun to work at the restaurant again for the evening.


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