Posted by: blogone | November 19, 2006

Firefox Version 2 and a handy blogging tool

I’ve downloaded and installed Firefox Version 2 for my MAC. It a pretty good update for this awesome browser. Considering that most 80% of what I do with a computer (work / personal) involves using a web browser then it should be something that is ‘more’ than just a program, it should be something that is enjoyable to use, and Firefox is just that; and always has been.

MS have released IE 7. I downloaded that too, for my work laptop, and after looking at it, I’ve decided I’m sticking with Firefox. IE 7 reminds me a little of Netscape browser version 7 that came out a couple of years ago.

Firefox is the way to go. The main reason for this post is to check an ‘extension’ or ‘add-ons’ as the Firefox developers are calling them now. The extension is called ‘Performancing’ and it allows you to open a blogging screen within your browser window. Here’s a screen shot of this post.  Just hit F8 and it opens the editor.

It works pretty well so for; keep in mind that I’ve just started using it. The add-on exists for the Windows version also.

powered by performancing firefox

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