Posted by: blogone | November 22, 2006

My little adventure…

It took me two hours to get to work this morning.

Here’s why:

I sat in my car and gunned the engine at 7:00am, by the way, that’s a late start for me, I’m normally on the road before 7:00am.

As I drove out of the estate I put on ‘Wait, Wait don’t tell me‘ on my iPod and was about to have a pleasant drive to work when my diesel light came on. On the way home last night I told myself that the last thing I must forget to do is get diesel, and sure enough it was the last thing I forgot to do. This was my first mistake.

What to do, what to do. I considered driving into work because I was sure I’d make it. The needle was pretty close to the end though, and a diesel engine would need bleeding if it runs out of juice.

I decided to take a detour off the M50 to find a fuel station. I came off the M50 at the Firhouse and that was my second mistake. No fuel stations in sight. I drove towards Rathfarnham and found a station at Ballyogan, pulled in and filled up.


I started the drive back towards the M50 and straight into heavy traffic. There’s a lot of road works happening on the M50 at the moment. They are adding much needed extra lanes. There’s a sign along the M50 that reads “Garda Speed Checks In Operation“. This amuses me every time I see it, because every time I see it I’m crawling along because the traffic is so heavy.

Perhaps a better sign might be “Valet while you wait” or “First hour of parking free“.


Anyway when I got through the toll booth and made my way towards Blanchardstown the traffic was moving a little better, until I got past Blanchardstown village. Then it was mental again.

My *genius* idea:

Because the traffic along the Snugborough road was so heavy I thought to myself that if I drove into Mulhuddart village then I might bypass the traffic. ‘Alan you genius‘ I thought…for three seconds, then I thought ‘Alan you dope‘. The traffic was as bad in Mulhuddart. A quick turn right and I was cutting through some housing estates heading back towards the middle part of the Snughbourough road. The traffic leaving the housing estate was slow.
I sat back in my seat and waited in line at a set of lights waiting to pull out onto the Snugborough road, when some little bugger on his way to school decided to play the tough guy and bang on my passenger window. I don’t know what the idea was and if he even considers that he could give someone a nasty fright that could cause an accident to someone, including him, if he did it to the wrong person.

Anyway I’m comfortable enough with myself to know that Karma will take care of the little f**ker. So I eventually made it into work at about 8.55am.

I wasn’t annoyed or put out by the experience, I just saw it for what it was a series of little adventures that took place that morning.

Still I’ll be filling up the night before from now on.

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