Posted by: blogone | November 25, 2006

Is there such a thing as coincidence?

Tonight I went for dinner to my favorite restaurant in Dublin, nay the world! A best friend of the family celebrated his 40th birthday today. We met up for a few drinks and a meal. The evening was superb; the waiters knew their business. The wine was fantastic and the food…words cannot describe.

My sister-in-law bought my brother a nice watch for his birthday. It was purchased at Paul Sheeran jewelers in Dundrum shopping centre.

Why is that interesting?

A colleague in work today described an awesome customer service experience with the same company earlier on today. He wanted to replace a battery in a watch that he didn’t bring with him and they gave him superb customer service.

My sister-in-law described something pretty similar she told me:

“I went in and was looking for a watch for Paul. I was attended immediately, and they recognized the necklace I had around my neck.”
**My sister-in-law’s birthday falls the week before my brother, so he bought her a necklace; guess where?**

She continued, “They said ‘you must be Mary’ and I couldn’t believe it. They were able to tell me lots of things about the conversation Paul had with them when he was picking the necklace”

This is pretty fantastic to me. I could count on one hand the really positive customer service experiences I have had in the last six months. When I hear two stories on the same day about the same company, well I’ve got to blog it. What else can I do?

I’ll have to wait until Andrea arrives over on December 30th to enjoy such good customer service.

P.S. Andrea’s birthday is December 4th. I’m not allowed say what age she is but…

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