Posted by: blogone | December 7, 2006

Alfred Hitchcock is my sister.

Thursday morning, early AM. I woke up to the sound of my telephone ringing. I answered it and Andrea was on the line from across the pond. She was having a computer ‘issue’. She wasn’t getting a connection to an external projector. I tried as best I could to walk her through the steps to try to connect, but it was difficult and I knew she was listening to her friend who was in the house. If you’ve ever had to do tech support over the phone you’ll know what I mean. You do your best to give advice and information, but the person on the other end is off trying to do things that you never mentioned and they say things like, “what, oh yeah, wait what if I do this…I think it might be…no it’s not, hey what did you say…”

I had to get up for work so I thought about hanging up, but I knew Andrea had a big presentation due anytime so I thought I’d better stick with it. No success anyway, they had given up in their own heads and I had to get ready to leave, I was already running late at this stage, 6.20am.

I hoped into the shower, then hoped out again, did teeth, toilet etc and dashed back upstairs to get ready to hit the road. I like to be on the road just before seven am, so I don’t hit the really heavy traffic on the M50. With all the work going on it can get quite heavy.

I came downstairs just before seven and went into the dining room to look for my coat. I saw it on the back of a chair, so I picked it up, put it on and went into the kitchen. While looking for my keys in the kitchen I heard a clinking sound, the kind of sound you’ll hear when you tap two glasses together. I stopped to listen to the sound.

I thought it was my brother or someone coming down the stairs with glasses, but the sound went on too long and nobody appeared. Then I realised that the sound wasn’t coming from the stair area, but somewhere closer.

I took a step back and looked towards the dining room and peered out the window towards the street. That’s when I noticed it.

In the corner of my ey I could see the outline of a person in darkness. My eye was drawn to the image and I turned my head slightly to the right to bring the image into my full view, although I couldn’t make out who or what it was due to the darkness.

My hand gripped my car keys tightly.

I squinted to a little to see better. Then I realised… my sister was sitting under the window on the seat in the dining room…

Me: Sister?
Sister: Yeah, hiya!
Me: JESUS CHRIST, you nearly gave me a f**king heart attack.
Sister: I thought you knew I was here.
Me: Were you there when I walked into the room to get my jacket?
Sister: Yeah, I thought you were grumpy when you came in, you looked at me and I smiled at you and you just walked out of the room.
Me: The room is in darkness, I didn’t see you at all.
Sister: Oh!
Me: What’s in your hands?
Sister: My cereal, I’m eating it while I wait for a taxi.
Me: Turn on a light, who do you think you are, Alfred Hitchcock?
Sister: laughs!
Me: Okay, now that my heart has started beating again, I’m off and by the way, I’m totally blogging this!
Sister: more laughs… the mocking kind!

While in the car on the way to work I got a text message from my brother it read…”I think we might have a mouse in the dining room, did you hear a munching or clicking sound this morning



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