Posted by: blogone | December 14, 2006

Gran Paradiso

I saw a link or a mention on a site today about Firefox 3.0 being leaked.  I did some digging and its not exactly the case.  The developers are hard at work developing the next release of this excellent browser.  Plenty of information to be had by visiting the Mozilla Wiki and you can even download a very unstable version of 3.0 which is code named ‘minefield’.  I did to have a look.  I then un-installed it because it crashed. I better stick with the soon-to-be fully stable version 2.0.

I’m very impressed by Firefox.  The browser is great and what really adds to the enjoyment of it are the amount of ‘add-ons’.  If you don’t use Firefox and you use the internet a lot, then you owe it to yourself to try it out.  No pop-ups, no annoyances and bleeding edge, that’s right, bleeding edge browsing technology.  If you use IE and have moved to version 7.0 and are impressed by their efforts at tabbed browsing then use the browser that created and perfected said tabs.

Enough of my rant.  You can get it here

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