Posted by: blogone | December 17, 2006

Another goal achieved…

time_face.jpgClick on the image for a larger size, why not print it out for your wall, cubicle or even wallet?

Well it looks like I finally did it. I can’t tell you how happy I am at receiving the news. It took a little longer than 5 years and not much effort on my part, but there you go, its when you least expect it that it happens.

Yes friends, it appears that Time magazine has named me the Person of the Year 2006.

While checking the BBCs news site I noticed a headline that said ‘Time Magazine names ‘You’ person of 2006‘. I’m not sure why the put the inverted commas (” “) around You, must be something journalists do when they want to draw attention to me.

Anyway, imagine my surprise. I didn’t need to read the article, I knew it, they knew it and now you know it. I am the Time person of 2006. I’ve tried to call the Time office in London to find out if I get a gift, like a Time Clock or a Time Pen, the type of gift you get when you subscribe to the magazine. They must be pretty busy because they didn’t answer the phone, of course I’m sure if they knew it was me calling they would have answered.

Although this wasn’t entirely unexpected, I didn’t actually prepare a speech to accept my award, I’ve been working on the opening to it because I’m sure that local, nay local, international news will want to interview me and seek my opinion on things to lofty to mention here.

It goes something like:

Friends, Work Colleagues, Family. These are the people whom you must crush in order to win. Win at all costs, for not to win at all costs is unacceptable. It must have been easy for the Time magazine people to choose me as person of 2006, after all, was there really any other real competition?

Bow down now, ye who have not been named, or are likely to every be, Time Person of 2006. Because I’m pretty sure there’s only going to be one 2006 for the foreseeable future.

And it will go on along those lines for a couple of thousand words. Perhaps I should Podcast it too. No doubt it would be the most downloaded file EVER.

All messages of congratulations will be taken and I will read every one to Andrea, Family etc many many times.

Just to be clear, when Time said ‘You’ they meant me, not you.  Okay?

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