Posted by: blogone | December 23, 2006

An exciting job offer from Tony Montana

My buddy sent me an email with a really funny attached audio message. It was from Tony Montana from Scarface calling me.

Essentially he wants to expand his business all across America, and he wants me to run the operation in California. As he said (Tony) in the message, “no more driving that car, you gonna wear $500 suits man, you gonna smoke Cuban cigars, you gonna have any woman you want…”

Perks like this are not easy to come by in jobs these days. Tony understands how people think, right at the start he knew what I was thinking and pointed it out, “You’re wondering why Tony Montana is calling a cock-a-roach like you?

Wow, what a people manager he is, that is exactly what I was thinking.

I know Andrea is coming over soon to live in Ireland, but with a job opportunity like this, it might be worth while go move back to California and try my hand as a “Distributor”.

It’s really quite funny to listen to the messages. You can create your own online. Take look right here, but choose United States as the country, this feature isn’t on the UK site.


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