Posted by: blogone | December 27, 2006

Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley

Today a colleague in work asked me if I knew the name of a book store located on Dublin’s Dawson Street. I was racking my brains because there are two or three or them and I got two-thirds of the names but couldn’t get the last.

The person told me that she was looking for a particular book that she couldn’t get anywhere and had been phoning around to find a copy.

I joked, “what’s your name, J.R. Hartley?” She had no idea what I was talking about. So I continued, (imitating an old English gentleman as best I could) “I’m looking for a copy of fly fishing, my name? My name is J.R. Hartley

However this was lost on her because she’s young. I needed to find the advert. And I did thanks to the nerds who feel compelled to put almost everything up on YouTube!

This was an advert on TV in the UK and Ireland in the 1980s for the Yellow Pages phone service directory. Its classic because its so simple.

Enjoy, and remember simpler times my friends.

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