Posted by: blogone | December 27, 2006


I knew it! After years and years of people suggesting that I may have a monkey brain I can now say with a certain degree of accuracy that I have a male brain.

The BBC have a really interesting study on their Science & Nature: Human Body & Mind a SEX I.D. to help you find out how your mind really works and if you have either a male or female brain.

This does not mean, of course, if you have a female brain (and you’re a guy) that you should start cross-dressing, buying Ophra Winfrey magazines, bursting into tears when someone shouts at you or pee sitting down.

This does not give you the right if you are a female with a male brain to wolf whistle at other females while hanging out at construction sites, grab you groin whenever you want, pee standing up, drive like you own the road, hit on the girl in reception and fart and award yourself a mark out of ten while looking for other female male brained individuals.

The study is divided into six parts and takes about 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

Part 1: Complete simple tasks to find out how your brain works. 3 mins.
Part 2: Your body can reveal clues about your mind. 1 min.
Part 3: What you see in others and the roots of your behaviour. 5 mins.
Part 4: Testosterone and your ring finger – you’ll need a ruler. 5 mins.
Part 5: What’s your mate preference? – 3 mins.
Part 6: Words, 3D shapes and what they say out you. – 5 mins.

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