Posted by: blogone | February 5, 2007

The final installment to “My Index Finger”

Soon after I posted that I thought / pondered / wondered if my itchy index finger would bring me great wealth or money I got some comments, both written and verbal, that I should wash it, take it out of my b** etc. Well I have an update that will surprise you.

I received an email from “” telling me that I won 251,420GPB in the English Lottery. I was more than surprised because I don’t do the English lottery, in fact I don’t do any lottery.

Then I received a letter in the post to tell me that I was going to receive a two thousand Euro bonus from the bank because I had taken out a home mortgage with them. On closer inspection the offer was only for first time buyers and I’m not one of those.

So if you get an itchy index finger, you may receive bogus offers of cash for something or from someone for something that you didn’t do or deserve.

No more about the finger.


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