Posted by: blogone | February 12, 2007

Racisim in advertising?

Tonight Andrea and I were in Dundrum shopping centre. Andrea stopped in her tracks when she saw an advertisement in a window of House of Fraser. It said:

Black is Back

White is Right

Andrea told me that this would never be used in the USA.

When we got home we used the google search engine to look up ‘White is Right’ and a number of KKK and neo-nazi sites came up. I suggested that Andrea call Joe Duffy because to my mind that is the best place to air this sort of thing.  Andrea decided to call the store, not to nag, just to let them know.

The store manager was shocked, they said that it was the slogan used in their stores in the UK.

If you think this slogan is wrong call House of Fraser on 353 1 299 1400 and let them know that White is not always right.

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