Posted by: blogone | March 9, 2007

Hollywood owes us…

Two films that have never been made and in my view they should be.

#1: Pretty Woman – The prequel – What happened to the petty woman to make her say “…that’s it, from now on I’m ON THE GAME BABY!”  Think about it.  In the film Pretty Woman the character is a fairly nice person (from what I remember) and I can’t see why someone would just decided to go on the game, their must have been some sort of mental / physical abuse or pain, drug abuse, anything to do with not making the cheer-leading squad, to cause such a drastic move.  Worth exploring I think.

#2: Pretty Woman – The sequel – What happened after the first movie ends? Five years down the road. Did R.Gs character stay with her or did he one day realize, ‘I’ve married a prostitute’. Did their friends abandon them? Did Pretty Woman miss the life and start making some money on the side by ‘servicing’ the corporate types. And… is she still pretty?

How does one keep a relationship going, he must have questions about her past, ‘why did you do it….why’, did you have a pimp, was it drugs?  So its worth exploring the mental anguish a couple go through when your partner is a former call girl.

I’m considering writing the screen play myself, in fact, its bound to write itself.

The question is: Why has Hollywood not picked up on it yet?

Answers on a postcard please…I need the closure.


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