Posted by: blogone | March 22, 2007

Extreme act of idiocy

The cliffs of Moher rise about 600 ft above the Atlantic Ocean and have one of Ireland’s most spectacular views. If anyone should visit Ireland they should include it on their ‘to see’ list.

On a clear day, some people say that you can see the shores of the United States of America. Those people, of course, are me, when I’m joking with Andrea. On her first visit to Ireland and her first visit to the cliffs in 2005 I said: “See there Andrea, if you try to look hard, you’ll almost see the coastline of you own fair land”, I also said it with a thoughtful look on my face and a stance that came out of any epic movie. Andrea, responded with something like “No you can’t, and the guide book says the view is the Aran Islands or the valleys and hills of Connemara”. The look on her face was one of, ‘is he serious?’  Well I thought it was funny.

What I don’t think is funny is a extreme biker from California riding his bike, yes his bike along the edge to the cliffs. A news report yesterday mentioned that ‘extreme biker’, Hans Ray, rode his bike along the edge of the cliffs while his friend took pictures. Anyone who has been at the cliffs can tell you that its windy up there and the weather can get quite rough.

There have been a number of tragic accidents at the cliffs, the most recent, a mother and son fell to their deaths from the cliffs.

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