Posted by: blogone | April 8, 2007

Separation Anxiety

March 22nd is the last time I posted something on This Irish Life. Apologies to anyone who ever stops by this page to see what’s going on.

The last couple of months have been fairly busy for me both personally and professionally. Andrea and I recently moved into our house in Portlaoise, which is the Irish name for ‘Fort of Laois’.

Andrea’s mum came to visit us for one week. It was really excellent because it was her first time to visit Ireland and her first time in Europe. I got to hear lots about the things Andrea got up to as a young lady and some hobbies and experiences that she has until now managed to keep quiet.

Don’t worry fans of this site, i.e. none, I’ll reveal the gossip over the next year or so.

I contacted the main telephone provider in Ireland, Eircom, to arrange to have broadband service, they’ve given me an estimated time frame of 28 days-ish to ‘whenever we get around to it’.

As is normal with this group I expect to receive a couple of bills from them before I get any of my requested services.

Andrea maintains that I’m having separation anxiety over the move out from the house. I think she may be on to something its not easy to leave the two nieces and nephews, brother and sis-in-law after spending so much time with them.

Work is presenting its own challenges and learning experiences, but most of that is not for posting; not here anyway.


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