Posted by: blogone | April 11, 2007

Don’t take it anymore…literally!

Newspaper companies should be made to pay the cost for cleaning up their free newspaper editions that they hand out each day. Dublin is already considered to be one of the worst cities in the world for rubbish / trash. Does the expression ‘Dirty ol’ Town’ sound familiar?

In recent weeks I’ve had to use the Luas to travel from Sandyford to Dublin City Centre and each time I do there is someone there trying to offload a copy of the Metro news-rag to me. Its a free news paper with news bias, entertainment, gossip and whatever else the ‘news hungry’ public need at 8:00am in the morning. When I get on the train the floor is littered with copies of discarded Metro’s because there are no trash cans / bins on the train to dump this and the ‘information hungry’ individual don’t see enough reason to keep the paper with them during the day.

Newspaper companies should provide a place for people to dump these rags, provide a job to someone to clean up these rags or just stop dumping these rags on the people of Dublin.

If you agree with me, then next time you are offered one of these papers, politely refuse the offer take one, then they; Metro / other free paper representative will have to return to their offices with them and dispose of them properly, i.e. recycle bin / toilet paper dispenser.

Believe me, you won’t be missing out on anything.

More rants coming soon.

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