Posted by: blogone | April 23, 2007

Dude! Whereás my passport (fun and games in Budapest)

From Andrea..

You will never believe where this post is being keyed from…..  Itás not prision, but we arenát allowed to leave. 

 You may notice a few strange typos.  The reason for them is because I am using a keyboard in Budapest…in the American Embassy…which is close to the Irish embassy…which is just around the corner from the district police station.  Our morning has been spent walking back and forth between these three places.  We are sans passport…and remedying that situation is easier than you may think, but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

From Alan..

Andrea just got bored writing so I have decided to continue.  We are waiting for the temporary passport for Andrea.  The nice attendanct said it would take about 3ö minutes and we could use the computer if we wished.  So we decided to post something.  We donát have access to issue visas from this machine…sorry.

It is a stangre feeling to realise that one has lost oneás passport – license etc., we had packed up our case and becuase we had a late flight 7.5öpm we decided that we had enough time to head into the city and go for a mud bath, have some lunch, do a little shopping and come back to the hotel, pick up our suitcase and head for the airport.

We got to the location for the Mudöbath and it was closed.  We then decided to go back into the city and have lunch, that was nice and we went and found a great little cafe called, Cafe Mozart.  We were on the tram on the way back to the hotel when Andrea was checking her backpack and she noticed that our passport wallet was gone.    We stayed calm thinking that it must be in the other case. 

It wasnát.  I decided that the Stockdale paradox applied to our situation and we had to face the reality of it.  The documents were gone we were close to missing our flights and both the U.S and RoI embassies were closed on Sunday and no option to talk to anyone.

So we had to stay an extra night, book flights for Monday, contact work, contact home and basically plan our Monday going from Embassy to Embassy, police station (whole other post) and to get passport photos pay for each new passport and so on.  Andrea had to take an oath that she had not violated any of the passport restrictions listed on page 4 of her document (a document she never read, I might add).   

What was supposed to be a short inexpensive trip has turned out to be a longer than expected and more expensive than we expected. 

Thanks to eveyone who gave us help,  áSis in law, brother, manager.


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