Posted by: blogone | May 8, 2007

The end of the conflict

In my head the Rev Ian Paisley and McGuinness are both running around like kids showing off their new offices, “look at the size of my desk, and the view its to die for…” Enough of that sort of thing.

From the Irish Times:


The Rev Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness today mark the end of
almost four decades of bitter and bloody conflict in Northern
Ireland when they are formally appointed first minister and deputy
first minister.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and British prime minister Tony Blair
will be in the visitors’ gallery of Parliament Buildings, Stormont
this morning to witness the creation of a powersharing government
led by political polar opposites the Democratic Unionist Party and
Sinn Féin.

This will be the first time that Northern Ireland will be run by
a government in which all the main nationalist and unionist parties
have agreed to operate power together.

After the Assembly formalities are concluded this morning Mr
Ahern and Mr Blair will join the first minister and deputy first
Minister for tea in Dr Paisley’s office. There will then follow a
reception in the grand hall of Parliament Buildings at which Dr
Paisley, Mr McGuinness, Mr Blair and Mr Ahern will speak.


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