Posted by: blogone | July 6, 2007


A guy I used to work with made a statement during lunch that Subway is the best restaurant around! He mentioned that he had the option to take a franchise and didn’t.  This missed opportunity seems to have hung over him like a dark cloud.

 I’m not sure I agree with his statement or if it even makes any sense.  Anyway Subway do make an excellent sandwich.  There’s an Irish chain called O’Briens and to my mind they don’t make as good a sandwich as Subway.

Anyway, as I make my drive home to County Laois each evening I go off at exit 17 and at this exit there’s a Midway hotel.  Now there’s been a sign outside their premises for a long time advertising the opening of various eateries and so on.  Subway is on the list.  I called in a couple of times to see if there was any sign of the foot long but no, only O’Briens and their meager offering.  I even had a look at to see if there was any updates or announcement of an opening in the area.  Nothing. 

Last week something happened.  As I drove to exit 17, I noticed a Subway sign on the opposite end of the hotel to alert people, like me, on the road that there was a Subway in the location.  I knew what I was going to have for dinner and Andrea knew it too!  I pulled into the parking lot and drove around and lo and behold there was a subway counter…closed.  We not closed, because it had not opened yet.  However the sign is over the counter and the work has begun. 

Soon I’ll be getting fat on the subway and loving every minute of it.  Yum Yum.

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