Posted by: blogone | July 10, 2007

I’m full of hot / cold air!

Right now I’m logged on with a Vodafone mobile 3G card I got a loan of from work.  I’m logged on at a puncture repair centre in Portlasoise.  I’ve had a nail in my wheel for some time and this morning I decided I’d had enough of pulling into petrol (gas) stations to put air into it. 

Driving home to Portlasoise last night was particularly awful  weather wise it was very stormy, I had my wiper blades on top speed for the majority of the journey to keep my windscreen clear.  On the way I noticed so many people on the hard shoulder waiting for the storm to pass and some changing the wheel.  “I could be one of those people if I don’t get the wheel sorted”, I said to myself (yes I talk to myself out loud in the car). 

So this morning I’m taking back control.  No more will lack of air dominate my life, from now on I’ll be full of air.

Wait, I’m not sure how that sounds!


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