Posted by: blogone | August 5, 2007

Final viewing only one week left.

So a year or so ago a buddy of mine, let’s call him PC, brought back a bottle of hot sauce from a trip abroad. The sauce was called ‘Colon Blow’. No, you haven’t misread. Colon Blow. It advertises itself as “Colon Blow A Red Habanero Enema!

This is not for the faint hearted. Believe me. It’s pretty good to liven up…well just about anything. You have to use it in small measures. Some time after he brought CB home another friend, let’s call him FG held a barbecue at his place. PC came and brought some fantastic Mexican food and his bottle of Colon Blow. I brought Garlic Bread!

Anyway during the day FG decided that he was going to try the CB and spread it liberally over some bread, not my garlic bread, but over some regular bread. I decided that this might send him insane or do what it said on the bottle so I got my digital camera out and captured a small slice of the event. Well it turned out to be a non-event, it didn’t do what it said on the bottle, well not right at that moment anyway.

Sometime after that I uploaded this short video clip to my YouTube account to use on the blog. I put it up and forgot about it. But like all things spicy, they always come back when you least expect it.

An email arrived one day to let me know that someone had left a comment on my video, which I’d called ‘Fabio and Colon Blow’. So I went and had a look to see what whoever it was thought about my video. It hasn’t impressed.

So six months ago 3 comments arrived.

1. You people have such large houses. That’s from someone called ‘washu2002’

2. Worst video clip EVER! This is from someone called ‘PK3000’


and my personal favourite,

3. It’s a shame that Youtube allows just any piece of crap video on here. This gem is from ‘ronleon62’

What are people looking for to bring them to this video and why are they even bothering to make a comment on it?

I was also surprised to see that there have been 1,306 views of the video.

I showed the video to FG and he was surprised that it was up and that it had gotten so many views. I’m going to take it down in one week so for the last time, here’s the video in all its boring glory.

This is boring. You’ve been warned.

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