Posted by: blogone | September 9, 2007

Who signed off on this?

Recently I started watching a show from Comedy Central called ‘Frisky Dingo’.  A very entertaining yet insane show about something (or someone) called ‘Killface’ who wants to send the earth into the Sun using a device called the Annihilatrix.   The large rocket cost 22Billion to make and because of the large cost Killface can’t afford to do a big marketing blitz to all the TVs on the planet as he originally intended, so a mass-mail campaign was devised.  The big problem is that the mailing card contains spelling and grammar errors.

and if you want to see the pilot episode then have a look here:

So a week or so ago a menu for an Indian Restaurant arrived through our letterbox at around 1.30AM, that’s right, AM!  Who delivers menus at that time, odd-balls in Portlaoise, that’s who.

Last night we decided or order-in and Andrea pulled out the menu.  She started to laugh as soon as she looked at it and when she showed me I thought of Frisky Dingo.

The menu has in print the following:

Whay not enjoy some of our favorite Indian delicacies, finely prepared by our highly qualified cheas in the comfort of our own home.  Surely, your family would enjoy that so much! [sic]

and further down

‘our staff would be help you’.

Also you can get a ‘can of cock, 7up or orange for 1 euro 20 cent at this place.  If you fancy a starter then number 17 is:

‘Prawn Piyari’ which is Tiger Prawn marinate with Indian spice and cooked on girl.

I regularly make awful blumbering mistakes when I start writing anything and often have to be corrected so I’m not being nasty with this post.  I just thought it was funnie, sorry funny! 🙂

In case you doubt the text, here’s an image or two of the take-away menu.


All things considered it was a pretty good meal.


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