Posted by: blogone | September 10, 2007

What are the guys over at MS Zune thinking?

Probably something like “Awww Crap!” or “I wish I worked at Apple”

Ever hear a song on the radio and make a mental note to look it up or wonder what the name of it was or tell yourself you’ll try and get a copy of it, then forget all about it and wake up at 3AM with same song in your head and wondering why you’ve woken up at 3AM listening to it….? No. Me neither!

Anyway that may be a thing of the past with the new WI-FI enabled iPod from Apple. You can hear a song in a store and go and purchase it right from iTunes while you wait in line.

This will open up a whole new marketing channel for advertisers and companies. This will be huge.

Apple announces iPod Touch. I hope the battery lives up to the hype.

Touch screen,

Safari web browser,

You Tube,

Purchase music from iTunes on the fly.

Deal with Starbucks (US) for instant access and SB Store Song information.


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