Posted by: blogone | November 23, 2007

The Barrier Is Down

I come to work and pass through the M50 Toll Bridge.  I got an easy pass gadget for my car to allow me to pass through without having to look for change.  There is a dedicated lane for cars that have the easy pass gadget and my understanding is that any car that use this gadget should be able to pass through without having to stop and should, in theory, be able to ‘beat the queue’

I’ve noticed that the queues in the easy pass lane are now usually as long, if not longer, than the queues on the other lanes and the barrier on the easy pass lane is always down, when most of the other lanes the barriers are usually up.

I know that the easy pass gadget works in any lane, I just don’t know why the lane that is dedicated moves at a slower pace.

Another thing that bothers me about this are cars that use the lane that don’t have the gadget and the attitude of the people who run the bridge to those cars.

If a car arrives to the barrier and doesn’t have a gadget the barrier won’t rise.  A queue will form and it would appear that the attitude of the people inside the toll booth is to let the car sit there and take a horn beating from other cars.  Why do the booth operators do this?  Why not just open the window, take the cash and tell the driver not to do it again or get a gadget.  Why slow everyone down just to make a driver feel uncomfortable?

Why would someone pull into a lane without a gadget?  Well its not as clear cut as that.  They may have a gadget but it may not work properly.  They might be a tourist, they might have taken the gadget out of the car etc. etc. 

If you’re reading this and thinking I’d never do such a thing, you might be suffering fundamental attribution error syndrome.


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