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Five Star Hotel Policy – No Sharing Allowed.

Sure isn’t it one of the things that makes the Irish…well Irish. Tea. Mrs Doyle, Lyons, Barry’s they all make a nice cup of tea.

A well know five star hotel, Herbert Park, has a hotel policy that dictates that customers who order a pot of tea are restricted to just one teacup with the beverage.

This came to light when a customer was refused an extra cup to share the pot of liquid gold. The customer was refused not once but three times. The manager on duty told her that this was the hotel policy and they were sticking to it. What a crazy policy. What could be the reason behind it?

Not very refreshing customer service.

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What are the guys over at MS Zune thinking?

Probably something like “Awww Crap!” or “I wish I worked at Apple”

Ever hear a song on the radio and make a mental note to look it up or wonder what the name of it was or tell yourself you’ll try and get a copy of it, then forget all about it and wake up at 3AM with same song in your head and wondering why you’ve woken up at 3AM listening to it….? No. Me neither!

Anyway that may be a thing of the past with the new WI-FI enabled iPod from Apple. You can hear a song in a store and go and purchase it right from iTunes while you wait in line.

This will open up a whole new marketing channel for advertisers and companies. This will be huge.

Apple announces iPod Touch. I hope the battery lives up to the hype.

Touch screen,

Safari web browser,

You Tube,

Purchase music from iTunes on the fly.

Deal with Starbucks (US) for instant access and SB Store Song information.

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Who signed off on this?

Recently I started watching a show from Comedy Central called ‘Frisky Dingo’.  A very entertaining yet insane show about something (or someone) called ‘Killface’ who wants to send the earth into the Sun using a device called the Annihilatrix.   The large rocket cost 22Billion to make and because of the large cost Killface can’t afford to do a big marketing blitz to all the TVs on the planet as he originally intended, so a mass-mail campaign was devised.  The big problem is that the mailing card contains spelling and grammar errors.

and if you want to see the pilot episode then have a look here:

So a week or so ago a menu for an Indian Restaurant arrived through our letterbox at around 1.30AM, that’s right, AM!  Who delivers menus at that time, odd-balls in Portlaoise, that’s who.

Last night we decided or order-in and Andrea pulled out the menu.  She started to laugh as soon as she looked at it and when she showed me I thought of Frisky Dingo.

The menu has in print the following:

Whay not enjoy some of our favorite Indian delicacies, finely prepared by our highly qualified cheas in the comfort of our own home.  Surely, your family would enjoy that so much! [sic]

and further down

‘our staff would be help you’.

Also you can get a ‘can of cock, 7up or orange for 1 euro 20 cent at this place.  If you fancy a starter then number 17 is:

‘Prawn Piyari’ which is Tiger Prawn marinate with Indian spice and cooked on girl.

I regularly make awful blumbering mistakes when I start writing anything and often have to be corrected so I’m not being nasty with this post.  I just thought it was funnie, sorry funny! 🙂

In case you doubt the text, here’s an image or two of the take-away menu.


All things considered it was a pretty good meal.

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So long and thanks for all the fish

BBC News:

One planet. One experiment”,
Edward O. Wilson, The diversity
of life.

A freshwater dolphin found only in China is now “likely to be extinct”, a team of scientists has concluded.

The researchers failed to spot any Yangtze river dolphins, also known as baijis, during an extensive six-week survey of the mammals’ habitat.

I’ve just finished listening to ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, by Bill Bryson, and he closes out the book, last four minutes or so and says the following (not verbatim):

If you were to design an organism to look after life in our lonely cosmos, to monitor where it is going and to keep a record of where it has been; you wouldn’t choose human beings for the job. Here’s the salient point, we have been chosen, wheather by fate or providence or whatever you want to call it. We may be the best there is. We are the best there is; we may be all there is. It’s an unnerving thought that we may be the universe’s supreme achievement and its worst nightmare; simultaneously. Because we are so careless at looking after things when they are alive and after they have died off permanently that we have no idea, none, about the amount of things that have died off or will soon die off and what part, if any, we have played in the process.

The fact is we don’t know, we don’t have any idea. We do know we only have one planet and there is only one species of being capable of making a
We got to this position is a stunningly fast time. Behaviorally modern human beings have occupied this planet for only 0.0001% of the earth’s history.

It has taken a great deal of luck to get here, not just humans, but every living thing. To continue we’ll need more than just luck.


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Pepperoncini where art thou?

When I was in San Diego most restaurants, including the one I worked at always used Pepperoncini with side dishes or with Pizza etc. They are really good with salads or Pizza.

The thing is, since I’ve been home I’ve not been able to find them in any store large or small.  I ordered a pizza from Pappa Johns, again a pizza brand that I’ve only ever seen in San Diego and now Portlaoise.  When I opened the pizza box there lay a medium size veggie pizza with Pepperoncinis.

Now I need to find out where they are getting them. If anyone knows where I can get these in Dublin or Laois feel free to leave a comment.

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Final viewing only one week left.

So a year or so ago a buddy of mine, let’s call him PC, brought back a bottle of hot sauce from a trip abroad. The sauce was called ‘Colon Blow’. No, you haven’t misread. Colon Blow. It advertises itself as “Colon Blow A Red Habanero Enema!

This is not for the faint hearted. Believe me. It’s pretty good to liven up…well just about anything. You have to use it in small measures. Some time after he brought CB home another friend, let’s call him FG held a barbecue at his place. PC came and brought some fantastic Mexican food and his bottle of Colon Blow. I brought Garlic Bread!

Anyway during the day FG decided that he was going to try the CB and spread it liberally over some bread, not my garlic bread, but over some regular bread. I decided that this might send him insane or do what it said on the bottle so I got my digital camera out and captured a small slice of the event. Well it turned out to be a non-event, it didn’t do what it said on the bottle, well not right at that moment anyway.

Sometime after that I uploaded this short video clip to my YouTube account to use on the blog. I put it up and forgot about it. But like all things spicy, they always come back when you least expect it.

An email arrived one day to let me know that someone had left a comment on my video, which I’d called ‘Fabio and Colon Blow’. So I went and had a look to see what whoever it was thought about my video. It hasn’t impressed.

So six months ago 3 comments arrived.

1. You people have such large houses. That’s from someone called ‘washu2002’

2. Worst video clip EVER! This is from someone called ‘PK3000’


and my personal favourite,

3. It’s a shame that Youtube allows just any piece of crap video on here. This gem is from ‘ronleon62’

What are people looking for to bring them to this video and why are they even bothering to make a comment on it?

I was also surprised to see that there have been 1,306 views of the video.

I showed the video to FG and he was surprised that it was up and that it had gotten so many views. I’m going to take it down in one week so for the last time, here’s the video in all its boring glory.

This is boring. You’ve been warned.

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Subway coming soon…

Andrea drove home on Friday evening. I fell asleep in the passenger seat. Its been a long, busy couple of weeks and I’m happy to have a long weekend to relax. I woke up as Andrea pulled into the Midway hotel to see if any more work on Subway outlet and surprise surprise it has moved on quite a bit. Not moved on far enough to be open but close. The counters are in and there are people busy. It looks like it could be open Sunday or Monday.

We’re not obsessed you understand, we just like a good sandwich now and then.

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Looking at the world from another point of view

Recently a friend made the big move from Ireland to Australia. She’s engaged to an Aussie who’s been living in Ireland for about seven years. Good for her, good for him, good for them.

Last year I read Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything‘ an epic story of how we got to where we are today. Its a fantastic read, packed with so many interesting tidbits of information and research that I’m baffled by how much I don’t know; about everything. If I had a list of ‘must have’ dinner party guests Bryson would be on it. I downloaded the audio book from iTunes last week to listen to it and its fantastic. I can’t recommend this audio / book enough.

This has started me thinking about all sorts of things; Life, the Universe and Everything as Douglas Adams might say and about how the world must look from the Southern Hemisphere. Needless to say Google searches ensued as did many link clicking on Wikipedia and I was off all over the Internet reading and viewing all sorts of information that intrigued and baffled me.

You should recognize this image. Its commonly know as ‘Earth’. Its also known as ‘The Blue Marble‘. Original caption: “View of the Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon. This translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea area to the Antarctica south polar ice cap. This is the first time the Apollo trajectory made it possible to photograph the south polar ice cap.

Blue Marble upside down

The image above is not oriented correctly. It was turned upside down to fit with our common view of the world; North at the top. The ‘correct’ shot is below with the south pole at the top of the image. The island of Madagascar visible just left of center, and the continent of Africa at its right.

Blue Marble right way up

So why should North always be at the top? Who decided that? Well it has something do with an Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy (90-168 AD). Perhaps because the better known places in the world were in the Northern Hemisphere and made it easier to study by placing so on sheets of paper or parchment or whatever he might have used.

So for my friend who’s gone to Australia what way should she view her world? Should she view it in the traditional sense or should she look at it from the alternative point of view?

Here’s a traditional map of the world:

and here’s how someone in the Southern Hemisphere might view the world, look where Australia now sits and look out for Ireland in the bottom right hand corner. In this view the United States sits on top of Canada. Here’s a link to the large size image.

As usual, I’ve always taken for granted that North is at the top and south is at the bottom. It didn’t occur to me that someone in Australia might see it quite differently. Its a bias to think that North should be at the top.

Anyway, Andrea has appeared to ask me to go get ‘muffin tins’ so I’m off for an early morning trip to Dunnes Stores.

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Protect your iPod

The best way to protect your iPod / iPhone from being stolen is to use the cleaver item that hides your iPod inside a *Zune cover.

*Product doesn’t actually exist…yet!

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Making Movies

In my opinion Making Movies, Dire Straits, is not a ‘classic’ album because not all seven songs on it are great. The first two songs are certainly classics.

Remember younger readers that these videos were made a long time ago!

Song One: Tunnel Of Love

Song Two: Romeo & Juliet

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Back in the day…

Love them or loathe them watch and remember that this is still one of the best guitar riffs ever. Before the internet was mainstream, before Youtube existed, before Napster and before the CDRW you passed this around on audio tape. Rock on.

A great video too. Look for the part when Slash kicks the bottle / can thing across the room not to appear too, but out of frustration at having to play the same riff over and over so the director could get the shot he wanted.

P.S. In my head I look like this when I pick up my guitar and try to coax a tune out of it.Alan

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Rain rain go away…

FACT: It has now rained for forty days and forty nights in Ireland.  Its not consistent, just most of the time and really heavy rain too.  Anyone from outside Ireland might think we are weather obsessed people.  You’re right!

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I’m full of hot / cold air!

Right now I’m logged on with a Vodafone mobile 3G card I got a loan of from work.  I’m logged on at a puncture repair centre in Portlasoise.  I’ve had a nail in my wheel for some time and this morning I decided I’d had enough of pulling into petrol (gas) stations to put air into it. 

Driving home to Portlasoise last night was particularly awful  weather wise it was very stormy, I had my wiper blades on top speed for the majority of the journey to keep my windscreen clear.  On the way I noticed so many people on the hard shoulder waiting for the storm to pass and some changing the wheel.  “I could be one of those people if I don’t get the wheel sorted”, I said to myself (yes I talk to myself out loud in the car). 

So this morning I’m taking back control.  No more will lack of air dominate my life, from now on I’ll be full of air.

Wait, I’m not sure how that sounds!

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A guy I used to work with made a statement during lunch that Subway is the best restaurant around! He mentioned that he had the option to take a franchise and didn’t.  This missed opportunity seems to have hung over him like a dark cloud.

 I’m not sure I agree with his statement or if it even makes any sense.  Anyway Subway do make an excellent sandwich.  There’s an Irish chain called O’Briens and to my mind they don’t make as good a sandwich as Subway.

Anyway, as I make my drive home to County Laois each evening I go off at exit 17 and at this exit there’s a Midway hotel.  Now there’s been a sign outside their premises for a long time advertising the opening of various eateries and so on.  Subway is on the list.  I called in a couple of times to see if there was any sign of the foot long but no, only O’Briens and their meager offering.  I even had a look at to see if there was any updates or announcement of an opening in the area.  Nothing. 

Last week something happened.  As I drove to exit 17, I noticed a Subway sign on the opposite end of the hotel to alert people, like me, on the road that there was a Subway in the location.  I knew what I was going to have for dinner and Andrea knew it too!  I pulled into the parking lot and drove around and lo and behold there was a subway counter…closed.  We not closed, because it had not opened yet.  However the sign is over the counter and the work has begun. 

Soon I’ll be getting fat on the subway and loving every minute of it.  Yum Yum.

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T-Mobile to sell iPhone Service in Europe.

That is great if you live on mainland Europe.  T-Mobile don’t have a service in Ireland.  I hope that 02 or Vodafone will get a reseller agreement in place.

Why limit the number of providers anyway? 

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2 Freudian Slips…and counting

Here are two Freudian slips I had in the past few days.  I expect more to follow.

  1. While talking to an owner of a furniture store about house sales I meant to say ‘It might be different after the election passes.’  What I actually said was: “It might be different after the erection passes.”
  2. While talking to someone about cable TV.  I meant to say ‘…you can see Al Jazeera.” What I actually said was “…you can see Al Qaeda.”

Odd looks followed each slip.  As is my way it happened in front of a medium / large group each time.

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Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

I noticed a link for this site somewhere and clicked it.  You can too.  It will tell you what the #1 song was on the day you were born.

Mine is Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.  Like me, bad to the bone.  Of course you don’t have to look up the music for the day you were born, you can look up any date you want.

I always thought that European Integration would mean only one entry in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Here is the best of the eurovision 2007. You owe it yourself to watch these.

Ukraine; The song that should have won:

France; another reason to say “why France, why?”:

UK; just wrong!:

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Novel standards

Anyone who reads this blog will know that I’m not the person who should be writing about ‘writing standards’, however Andrea noticed something in a book that annoyed her and because it was annoying her she decided that she couldn’t continue reading the book anymore.

Andrea went to the library to drop back some books. I asked her to look out for Roy Keane’s biography, KEANE, which I keep meaning to get a copy of to read.  Andrea came back with a copy of ‘KEANO’.  The library didn’t have a copy of KEANE and gave Andrea the book she brought back.  She also brought a copy of ‘a million little pieces’ by James Frey.  I asked her where did she hear about this book and Andrea remarked that she heard something about it on NPR.   The front cover said ‘author note now included’.  I flicked over a page to have a look.  It began:

A Million Little Pieces is about my memories of my time in a drug and alcohol treatment center.  As has been accurately revealed by two journalists at an Internet Web Site, and subsequently acknowledged by me, during the process of writing the book, I embellished many details about my past experiences, and altered others in order to serve what I felt was the greater purpose of the book.  I sincerely apologize to those readers who have been disappointed by my actions. 

We’d both heard about this book it was one of a series of books with untrue details purporting to be truthful.  I think South Park covered the concept in an episode a while ago.  So Andrea decided to continue to read it to see why it was so popular.

Later she told me that she couldn’t continue because the writing style used in the book was too annoying.  What did she mean?  Here’s an example from the book

‘We’re gonna take you into Town in a couple of days and get your teeth fixed’

‘When I’m done I go to the Bathroom and I vomit.’

‘We believe that Patients should stay here for as long a term as they need, not something as specific as a twenty-eight-day Program’

‘I go to my Room and I drink and I smoke some cigarettes and I think about her.’

And it continues.  The capitalization of words in sentences that are not proper Nouns.  I flicked through the book again and examples are all over it.

The front cover is all in small letters ‘a million little pieces’ with the blurb also in small letters and in his letter he writes ‘A Million Little Pieces’.  Which way is correct?

Is this a writing style?  Does anyone know why it is like this?

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The end of the conflict

In my head the Rev Ian Paisley and McGuinness are both running around like kids showing off their new offices, “look at the size of my desk, and the view its to die for…” Enough of that sort of thing.

From the Irish Times:


The Rev Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness today mark the end of
almost four decades of bitter and bloody conflict in Northern
Ireland when they are formally appointed first minister and deputy
first minister.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and British prime minister Tony Blair
will be in the visitors’ gallery of Parliament Buildings, Stormont
this morning to witness the creation of a powersharing government
led by political polar opposites the Democratic Unionist Party and
Sinn Féin.

This will be the first time that Northern Ireland will be run by
a government in which all the main nationalist and unionist parties
have agreed to operate power together.

After the Assembly formalities are concluded this morning Mr
Ahern and Mr Blair will join the first minister and deputy first
Minister for tea in Dr Paisley’s office. There will then follow a
reception in the grand hall of Parliament Buildings at which Dr
Paisley, Mr McGuinness, Mr Blair and Mr Ahern will speak.


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